What is a tango gift card?

Tango Card provides companies in the B2B region with leading reward-delivery technology. Globally, corporate companies use this platform to include a vast catalog of domestic and global e-gift cards as part of customer rewards schemes, sales reward programs, health and wellbeing participation, and appreciation of employees.

Tango Card claims offering the most attractive incentives immediately maximizes effect and improves tangible business outcomes. This conviction is incorporated into the industry-leading products of Tango Card: RaaS API, which incorporates digital rewards into online services and apps, and Rewards GeniusTM, a system of self-service for rewards administration.

Tango gift cards are a kind of incentive that a participant will receive when they complete the survey dependent on eligibility requirements.

How to get a Tango gift card?

In order to set up Tango gift cards as rewards:

  • Visit the official website at www.tangocard.com.
  • Login to your account then go to the Surveys option. Click Edit then Rewards.
  • Choose the Qualifying Criteria.
  • Now you have to select Tango Gift Cards.
  • At the Reward drop down in the “Select a Reward section”. Choose the Tango Gift Card option.
  • Test Mode will be on by default. Keep it remain On for testing.
  • Turn it Off only in case when you want to start giving gift cards live.
  • Now you have to write the gift card value. 
  • Enter the quantity of gift cards. Other additional gift cards can be added later on.
  • Then enter the headline, message, and image for the reward page. This is what people will see after winning the reward.
  • You can also set notifications if necessary.
  • Review all the information and confirm.
  • You have to submit the fulfillment fee of $15 in addition to the selected gift card value and number of cards.

What happens when the test mode is on?

Rewards aren’t met while check mode is on. It helps you to check the survey without having to use your Tango Gift Card.

On the survey, the check page for reward will be shown when you fulfill the requirements for winning the reward.

When the work is completed. Switch off and save Test mode. Tango Gift Cards will be handed out when the offer is fulfilled.


How do I redeem a Tango Card for a retail gift card?

The following are the steps to redeem the gift card.

  1. Go to the Tango official website, press “Redeem your Tango Card” present at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Write your Tango Card number and pin when it says “Enter Your Tango Card Here”
  3. Click “I’m not a robot” option then click “Activate”
  4. Select an e-gift card or another reward from your list of options.

Where Can I Use My Tango Card?

Tango Cards are used on the websites for premium retail gift cards or donations to charity.

FAQS for Tango Gift Card

What is a Tango gift card?

Tango Cards are spent on our website for premium retail gift cards or donations to charity.

How does Tango Card make money?

The platform of the Tango Card is comprised of three main ways to offer rewards. The ‘rewards as a benefit’ API helps companies to directly incorporate digital rewards into their applications and websites. The Tango Card will also use the money to increase its headcount and embark on international development.