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Meijer Inc. is an all-out Midwest American big store chain. Its head office is located in Walker, Michigan, which is part of the metropolitan region of Grand Rapids. It was established as a supermarket chain in 1934, and in 1962 Meijer is recognized with creating the modern concept of supercentre. About half of the state’s 242 stores are in Michigan, the other half in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


The company was listed no.19 on the 2015 Forbes magazine “America’s Biggest Private Companies” list and 19 on the 2008 Fortune magazine “The 35 best U.S. private companies.” Supermarket News places Meijer 15th on the Top 75 American & Canadian supermarket chains & Wholesalers list. Meijer is the 26th-largest store in the United States, based on sales from 2015.

Meijer is renowned for its flavor. Focusing on fresh food, thinking, and creativity lets us better at supporting our clients. Meijer offers the Team members with a comfortable and secure atmosphere. They build a healthy shopping environment for our customers and provide services and goods to support them to live a better life for their customers.


Their goods include grocery stores, clothes, boots, fuel, sportswear, bedding, furniture, accessories, health and beauty products, toys, sporting goods, appliances, household goods, and pet supplies.

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