Meijer gift card gives you a lot of pleasures and joys when you shop from the Meijer store. You easily buy your favorite products from the store without involving in any hassle of cash. Hence, if you want this card for yourself then read this article as we have explained all the guidelines related to this gift card.

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Meijer is the largest retailer. Buyers can choose from several hundred departments including clothing, accessories, electronic devices, hardware, and toys. Most stores also sell petrol, offer banking services, and have multiple restaurants in-store.

How to get the Meijer gift card?

There are ways through which you can get this card.

  • By Calling Meijer
  • Visit the Store

By Calling

  • Grab your phone and call at 1-800-487-9460 number.
  • Listen to the operator and follow all the instructions.
  • In this way, you will get your gift card at your doorstep or collect it from the nearby store.

Visit the Store

Another way to get this card is by visiting the Meijer store and get the Gift card.

Meijer e gift card – Rules and Restrictions

Meijer gift card has some rules and restriction which we all should be aware of. If you don’t know already then read the below points:


  • Meijer gift card ranges from $5 to $500, a perfect match for everyone.
  • These Cards could be used at any Meijer store for the buying of merchandise.
  • You may not use Meijer Gift and Food Cards to purchase other gift cards, including the ones sold at a Meijer store.
  • They are not intended for resale, can not be redeemed for cash or monetary credit, and can not be returned for cash or credit refund.
  • Meijer Food Cards can only be used at Meijer stores for the purchase of food items.
  • They do not have inactivity or non-use service fees. Moreover, they have no expiry date.
  • You may not use Meijer Gift and Food Cards for compensation on any Meijer credit card account.
  • A damaged or stolen Meijer Gift or Food Card can not be substituted without the actual proof of purchase. The substitution of such a card will only be done with another card of the same type having the credit balance as shown by our database.

Contact Details

If you have any kind of problem or confusion then feel to contact the customer service center:

  • Phone: 1-877-363-4537

FAQ’s for Meijer Gift Card


How do I use my gift card at Meijer?

Meijer Gift Cards can be used on any Meijer store or online at to buy products. Meijer Food Cards may only be used in Meijer stores for the purchase of food items.

Can I send Meijer gift cards online?

Yes, you can. Email this eGift cards to friends, family, or yourself!

Can you buy a Meijer gift card online?

Yes, you can get this gift card online from their official website.