What’s better than enjoying a warm Chick-fil-A meal and sharing it with others. Now you can do it easily with the help of  Chick fil a Gift Card. Don’t know where to get this card? Then read the below information carefully.

Chick-fil-A gift cards come for friends and family, young and old, in a number of styles and will surely pleasure anybody on your contacts.

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About Chick-fil-A 

Chick-fil-A is one of America’s biggest fast-food restaurants and the biggest with chicken sandwiches as its signature. Its head office is located in College Park, Georgia. Originally created as the Dwarf Grill in 1946, Chick-fil-A changed the name to ‘Dwarf House’ until it was rebranded as Chick-fil-A in 1967.

The business manages more than 2,300 establishments, mainly in the United States with locations in 47 states and plans to become the 48th state for a location in Hawaii. Before switching to their lunch and dinner menu, the restaurant offers breakfast. For special events, Chick-fil-A also provides catered choices from its menu to clients.

Where to buy Chick fil A® gift card?

Willing to buy this gift card? That’s great. Here are the places where you can get this gift card:

  • Chick fil A gift card is issued at most Chick-fil-A restaurant locations for purchase in any value from between $5 and $100. Locate your nearest restaurant, and get the gift card from that particular branch.
  • At many supermarket stores, supermarkets, and other retailers, you can buy these gift cards too. Please note that availability can differ by location so before going kindly call ahead to make sure that Chick-fil-A gift cards are in stock or not.
  • Physical gift cards can’t be purchased online. During this time Chick-fil-A does not sell exclusive digital gift cards from the Chick-fil-A App.
  • You can order bulk gift cards (200 or more) by downloading and filling in the Gift Card Bulk Purchase Order Form.

Where to use Chick fil A gift cards?

Gift cards can be utilized in US restaurants at Chick-fil-A. Besides that, with the below exceptions, most Chick-fil-A ExpressTM and approved Chick-fil-A places such as stadiums, airports or universities do not accept gift cards;

  • Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
  • Union Station, Washington, DC
  • Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

Some Important Facts

Here are some important points regarding Chick-fil-A gift cards:

  • Note that most Chick-fil-A Express and Chick-fil-A authorized places such as music venues, baseball stadiums, airports or universities do not sell gift cards, and only a few redeem gift cards.
  • Chick-fil-A, Inc. has no association with any websites purchasing and selling discount gift cards.
  • You can add money at any time to an existing gift card by visiting any Chick-fil-A restaurant which sells these gift cards. The cards obtained from a third party store can not be reloaded.
  • The gift cards have no expiry date.
  • These cards can be used at any Chick-fil-A restaurant.
  • Physical Gift cards and Chick-fil-A OneTM cards may not be approved at licensed Chick-fil-A Express or Chick-fil-A places (such as airports, college campuses, office complexes, and hospitals, etc.).
  • You will have the sales receipt and/or activation receipt (copies or pictures are acceptable) to decide whether your missing, stolen, or disabled gift card is replaceable. The printable Gift Card Replacement Form can be downloaded, for this reason, then mail or email the concluded document to the address given on the form.

Contact Information


For your Chick-fil-A gift card balance inquiries and account history records, please call (888) 232-1864.

FAQ’s for Chick fil a Gift Card

Does Chick Fil A have e gift cards?

Physical Chick-fil-A Gift Cards can’t be purchased online. During this period Chick-fil-A does not sell separate digital gift cards from the Chick-fil-A App.

How can I add a gift card to my chick fil A app?

Save space to activate your gift cards in your wallet by depending on the Chick-fil-A App. It’s simple!
Tap “My card,” then “Add funds to the card,” and “Transfer gift card.”
Make sure you check the app regularly for any special treatments and retain tabs on your Chick-fil-A gift card balance.

What if you forgot to scan your chick fil A application?

If you have forgotten to scan your Chick-fil-A One QR code, on receipt, you may demand credit for a missing transaction within 7 days of the date. You can tap on “Submit a Missed Transaction” from your transaction history and insert the receipt details in the app.